Living rooms are largely the foremost, often accessed place in a house. Here are few guidelines to contemplate before designing the front room.

  1. Couch sets ought to be placed against the South and West walls. You can also place them against the East walls if you are left with no selection.
  2. Avoiding a cluttered arrangement gives massive breathing space with free movement. It is obvious that a littered arrangement creates nervousness in our well-organized minds.

“Expert advice that inmates should keep more open space on the eastern corner so as to receive more positive energies. Usually there may have a veranda or an open room constructed to bring in good health.” Source:

  1. Avoid furniture near sharp corners of columns. These sharp edges can be dangerous and can cause damage to the article of furniture. Hence, it is better to camouflage such sharp corners behind some objects. For e.g. placing some indoor plants in front of them, etc.
  2. Water fountain/Aquarium should be in the North. This promotes higher interaction with the relations and guests.
  3. Watch TV, facing East or North. This is because as one sits in front of the T.V. for long duration, he gets exposed to the sunrays that enter from the North or East windows.
  4. Air conditioners should be placed on West walls, as these walls tend to comparatively keep cooler till the evening.
  5. Fireplaces ought to be in the South-East or North-West, since South-East represents Agni (Fire) place.

Paintings in Vastu Shastra

Paintings have a profound effect on your home design as well as they create an active ambience and evoke strong sentiments. So images that are inspiring, optimistic, harmonious and calming should find place in the house.

Here is an informative snippet on which type of paintings and pictures should be hung and in which specific direction.


a.  “The North Wall can have paintings/pictures of water bodies to stimulate the positive aspect of the primary element water. It can also have pictures of wealth.

b.  The East wall can have a painting or picture of the rising sun— the beginning of the dawn of a day. The East wall can also have pictures of flowers and fruits.

c.  The South and West walls can have innovative paintings of a gentle elephant herd, high rise mountains with heavy plant life and similar pictures or paintings that denote strength.”


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