From concept to implementation, to re-implementation, 7 cubes, Golden Scale to one another, realized in physical 3D form. Documenting mistakes, misconceptions, and admitting I'd have to start over after completing about 90% of the project was only half the fun.

Following our exploration of The Golden Ratio, my Professor assigned us a task where we would need to take 3, 5, or 7 cubes that were proportional in Golden Ratio to one another, and place them in a way that was reflected Golden Proportion as well. Of course, being a bit of a nut about architecture, I'd already started thinking about this project before it got assigned, because there was a brief mention of it on the syllabus. My original concept was actually to have 2 Golden Ratio cubes intersecting, so that together they formed the footprint of a larger cube, and that the intersection between the two formed two other cubes of golden ratio at the corners. That would be a total of 5 cubes formed. In my head it worked beautifully. I started with a 1" cube, and did exact measurements to determine what the size of each cube would be... (more)

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Comment by vandana naik on July 24, 2009 at 11:48pm
quite interesting and intensive study!

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