Old-School Green: 3 Sustainable Super Stories

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What do Paolo Soleri, Michael Shealy, and Dennis Holloway have in common? Before LEED Certification, the Kyoto Protocol, and public awareness of Global Warming, these three visionaries saw the potential benefit of--and even requirement for--sustainable architecture with low environmental impact. Their projects would not only prove it could be done, but their work would be the foundation for other projects to build upon decades later. Their efforts also fueled a mainstream awareness and movement that led humanity to realize the wealth of alternatives alternatives to more traditional, destructive designs.

Our story actually begins millenia ago, but our commentary picks up in the 1970's, when a rediscovery of passive solar heating had begun to gain more interest among a small group of ecologically conscious individuals. In a time where recycling was only known to most people as "the return deposit" on glass bottles, these three figured out ways to recycle materials, energy, and architectural designs, to create a habitable structure with a zero or near-zero environmental footprint. (more)

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