My Photographs and Analysis of Louis Kahn's "Kimbell Art Museum"

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This last weekend I went to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. It was designed by Louis Kahn, one of the more prolific and celebrated architects of the 20th century. Despite having made repeated trips to see exhibits at the Kimbell for over 20 years now, and spending years hanging out in the western courtyard with others, I had never before even considered the actual structure of the Kimbell before. Kahn's uses of parti and framing are so masterful that the eye itself is never drawn to the structure itself, rather, it is drawn to what is within and around it. It was not until I hit #74 in Matthew Frederick's 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School that I had even been exposed to the concept that it was a great architectural work. It would be like visiting the Sistine Chapel for years and never having actually looked up.

I immediately headed to the Great Buildings web page about the Kimbell and saw that, indeed, it really was impressive. More impressive even than some of the exhibits I'd seen displayed within it. I could not believe that I had never even noticed even the slightest detail of the building before. But looking at photos of a building is never as good as having gone there oneself, so I packed up the family and we drove to Fort Worth to get some good architectural photos. Note that these images aren't the standard photos of the Kimbell, but rather the aspects unique to its architectural components.

These photos are all my own personal work (except the one of me, my wife too that), and all rights are reserved. I have no problem with anyone using these photos for non-profit purposes (such as a school project) provided I am given credit for them. If, for some reason anyone has a commercial request for the photos, please contact me about rights and a higher quality resolution photo, as these have had the quality of the image scaled down for faster load times.

You can see the entire photo collection, plus my analysis, on my blog, I Dream of Architecture

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