Historic Dallas Part 4: Founder's Plaza

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In Part 4 of of "Historic Dallas" we visit one of the most controversial sites in Downtown Dallas: Founder's Square. The hotly debated, roaming alleged log cabin of John Neely Bryan, Dallas's founder, rests here now. Founder's Plaza is directly across the street from The Old Red Courthouse and the JFK Memorial Plaza. It is a relatively unassuming place, consisting of a series of fountains in a curvy Y-shape, a lot of pavement, and a cabin that has seen hotter debates than a southern city hall in summertime.

By the time we hit Founder's Plaza, we'd already trekked through the JFK Memorial Plaza, the Old Red Courthouse, and Dealey Plaza, where my camera had run out of batteries, all in 107 degree heat. By this point, my wife and I were practically wilting, but as we walked back to our car, I looked to the left and what I'd thought was an empty plaza courtyard was in fact an oasis of fountains and, oddly enough, a log cabin. Having just read the plaque at Dealey Plaza, I couldn't help but wonder if this was indeed the "first house" mentioned in the plaque. If so, I absolutely had to photograph it. Without the aid of my "real" camera, I pulled out my phone and with great dismay, realized it was also almost out of juice. Nonetheless, I managed to pull off a few decent photos, and did the best I could to clean them up in Photoshop. (more)

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NOTE: Tomorrow's feature will be an interview with Nadine and James Bouler of the Bouler Design Group!

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