E. Fay Jones: Marty Leonard Chapel (Interior)

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In part two of this week's main photo spread, we explore the interior of E. Fay Jone's "Marty Leonard Chapel" and witness the sublime beauty within.

As one steps through the door of the Marty Leonard Chapel, there is an ever present aura of peace and light. The glass ceiling and crossbeams overhead illuminates the floor with a light grid all the way from the nave to the bema. The saltire "X" pattern is used to great effect in nearly every glassed area of the chapel, the exception being the slanted casings shown in yesterday's exterior footage. From within, at this angle, the slanted window casings give each side a complimentary column of half-chevrons made of light. The effect of the concentrated light is unmistakable: the focus should be upon those who walk up or down the aisle, and those who stand before it. Though the congregation is certainly not left in darkness, their presence is quietly muted from eyesight... (more)

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