ArchiSnapper: a mobile solution for site reports

Making and managing site reports can be very time consuming for architects. During site visits, architects take notes with pen and paper, take pictures, make sketches, etc. Back at the office, all this information needs to be converted into a site report: typing out remarks, compressing and resizing pictures, inserting everything into Word, sending out the reports via mail, …


ArchiSnapper offers a simple yet very efficient solution for this administrative pain. It offers a reliable way for architectural firms to collect data out in the field on job sites, add remarks and pictures, record meeting attendees, assign to-do lists and essentially create site reports for their clients on the road. If anything needs tweaking before the report is sent out to a customer, the option to edit it in the office is at their fingertips.


As you can see in the video below, ArchiSnapper is the combination of an online account in which to manage your sites, contacts and reports as well as a mobile/tablet app to gather important data on the job which is then automatically transformed into site reports:


ArchiSnapper is becoming a very popular tool for architects: in the first 2 months it got from zero to over  hundred users that rely on it from managing their site reports. And that number grows every day! Simply create an account in minutes (the first 30 days is free!) at

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