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Wallpaper Coverings: Decorating Sensations

For all those looking for aesthetic excellence and uniqueness as a reference point of their houses wallpaper coverings can be a solution. They may look simple but wallpaper covers are a great deal to make your room or house look elegant, unique and stylish.

The biggest advantage of choosing wall paper for your wall is that you are effectively limitless when…


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Unconventional and Cost-Effective Building Materials


Construction and civil engineering activities have experienced a boom due to rapid improvements in procurement of building materials. However, the booming construction industry has posed many challenges due to some unsustainable aspects of the highly polluting and the exhaustive nature of building materials. But many innovative and unconventional resources have emerged due decreasing…


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7 Reasons Why Eco-friendly Design Is Actually Good



Imagine a 2 story house plan with almost 5 or 6 rooms…each room with more than two light fixtures… geysers, AC’s, fans, and other heating or cooling appliances… Could you imagine how much energy is consumed? This energy wastage not only…


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Vastu Pointers for the Living Room

Living rooms are largely the foremost, often accessed place in a house. Here are few guidelines to contemplate before designing the front room.

  1. Couch sets ought to be placed against the South and West walls. You can also place them against the East walls if you are left with no selection.
  2. Avoiding a cluttered arrangement gives massive breathing space with free movement. It is obvious that a littered arrangement creates nervousness in our well-organized…

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پروژه مسکونی امیرآباد : Amirabad residential project

شماره پرونده 60005977 ، پلاک ثبتی شماره 3708-3526 

آدرس: اتوبان کردستان، بلوار جانبازان، کوچه 22 غربی، پلاک 75 

مساحت کل زیربنا: 1600 مترمربع

مساحت مفید مسکونی: 1000 مترمربع در 5 طبقه و 5 واحد  


Roof Truss ، بخش طرح و اجرای ابنیه

مهندسین شریفی، محمودی، معصومی

روش اجرا: اسکلت  فلزی پیچ و مهره-عرشه فولادی                                                                                                                                …


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Design in a nutshell

If you are all mixed up with your Bauhaus and Arts and Crafts, here's a fun way to refresh it all. The open university came up with this fun mini series highlighting major Architecture movement. Have fun!

1. Gothic Revival…


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More Apps for Architects

Its been a while since I last did a roundup of apps for architects. Of all the apps I featured last time Adobe Ideas is my favorite and the one I still actively use. Its time for round 2 and like everything in the tech world, things look better. We have faster tablets and better apps. When I say 'we' I mean other people...I'm still on my first gen iPad and it refuses to grow…


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ArchiSnapper: a mobile solution for site reports

Making and managing site reports can be very time consuming for architects. During site visits, architects take notes with pen and paper, take pictures, make sketches, etc. Back at the office, all this information needs to be converted into a site report: typing out remarks, compressing and resizing pictures, inserting everything into Word, sending out the reports via mail, …



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Sketchup Pro 2013 first impressions

Sketchup just released a major update after being acquired by Trimble and I'm going hands on to see what's changed besides the name. Speaking of which, Sketchup is now 'Sketchup Make' for non commercial use and Sketchup Pro 8 is upgraded to Sketchup Pro 2013. The Pro version also costs $95 extra towards a compulsory 'one year upgrade/maintenance program'...something on the lines of Autodesk subscription which kind of hints where Trimble is going with all this.

Enough chit-chat. Let's…


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styrofoam ( xps-extruded poly styrene ) - Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of Styrofoam

Styrofoam By Any Other Name...We know it as Styrofoam, but its technical name is “foamed polystyrene”. However, whatever name it goes by, foamed polystyrene has been hailed by some as a technological marvel and by others as an environmental menace. What is the truth behind this everyday product, used for so much of our packaging? As with most things, the issue is not always clear cut. How…


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pervoius / permeable concrete - A-Sustainable Approach for Green Techniques

permeable/pervoius concrete :

Permeable concrete is a range of sustainable materials and…


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Green Marketing-An Answer To Sustain In Recession

When it comes to shining a spotlight on specific sustainability issues, count on NGOs and consumer groups to target the most respected and trusted brands in the world. Overnight issues will make front pages and leaders will be pressed to make changes. The list of recent targets reads like a Who's Who of branding: NDTV-TOYATO( Greenothan / Save the Hills ) , Nike (child labor practices),McDonalds (Styrofoam clamshells and now obesity), and Coke (sugar and packaging) and many more What does…


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Polished Concrete Floors

One of the most sustainable flooring types that is gaining acceptance lately is the polished concrete floor.

Why is it considered sustainable? well for starters, we save on resources. Why use expensive tiles or stones on top of a perfectly good concrete slab. Polished concrete floors do not require any voc spewing glues and adhesives needed to fix carpets or tiles and hence contribute towards improving the indoor air quality.

Polished concrete floors are being increasingly used…


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Salk Institute

Video of Louis Kahn's Salk Institute by Filmmaker & architect Pablo Casals-Aguirre. It's great to see the masterpiece in action.


In the words of Louis Kahn:

"I did not follow the dictates of the scientists, who said that they are so dedicated to what they are doing that when lunchtime comes all they do is clear away the…


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Solar Decathalon University of Maryland

I had a chance to visit all the houses at the Solar Decathalon on Friday September 23 and Saturday September 24 2011. It was my birthday gift to myself.  All the students have done an amazing job of design, research and construction.  Even in the pouring rain it was a delight to visit each house and see the eagerness of the student guides in sharing their insights and knowledge.  


The house I voted for as my favorite was "WaterShed" by the University of Maryland students.…


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Solar Decathlon 2011

University of Maryland grabbed the overall first place this year with their 'watershed' design. A total of 19 teams participated this year including teams from China, Canada, Belgium and New Zealand.

Description of the winning entry (from DOE website)

The forms of the house…


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The new world trade center

I still think the best part is Calatrava's PATH station...

The New World Trade Center from Judson Crane on Vimeo.

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The business of architecture

Some time back I read an article about how architecture firms name themselves and it mentioned that in the early days architecture firms took the example of law firms by stringing together the names of the principal partners. With time, many older established partnerships started using just the initials like SOM or HOK which sounded more 'corporate'. Architecture firm names have since evolved to much cooler sounding names such as WOW and Asymptote.

Has the business model…


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A common sense approach to sustainability

Things that we all could use:

  • Build what you need. A smaller house that fits your needs saves money and resources.
  • Open those windows. Natural ventilation is healthy and it's free.
  • Don't forget the Sun. If you live in a hot climate- use shades. If you live in a cold climate- bring sunlight in.
  • Use local materials. 
  • Use native plants. They are low on maintenance and irrigation.
  • Avoid synthetic materials. Natural materials age…

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Native vs Exotic Landscaping

For many landscape architects it's difficult to limit themselves to the native plants and trees while choosing the plant palette for a project. Reasons are varied and range from Client demands, peer pressure, lack of knowledge or sheer ignorance. Recently I had an argument with a landscape architect on the difference between 'readily available plants' and native species. I don't think any qualified landscape architect is that dumb. It was pure ignorance; and it is one of the biggest reasons…


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