Architecture is a life long learning process. Though experience is the best teacher, there is a much help available to keep up with the current ideas in design, materials and processes. whether to satisfy the Learning Units required by the professional bodies or just to enhance knowledge; there is always a need to acquire more knowledge. From structured courses from accredited providers to fragmented pool of information on the internet, we are initiating a process to make this information more accessible.

Click on the following categories to access more information:

A list of useful online resources. Will be updated regularly based on member recommendations and our own research.

Continuing Education:
Continuing Education Credits are required by Licensing boards, AIA, USGBC and many other professional bodies. The resources available are also the most structured of the three categories. This information is most useful for professional but students could also gain a lot from the free courses available from various providers.

Open University:
Many reputable universities have lectures and podcasts available free to anyone who’s interested. A lot of good content for students as well as professionals.

Inspirational or provocative content available on the internet. fragmented information but interesting at the same time. 

Top Colleges:

A list of reputed International architecture colleges.

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