The NY TImes had an article today about the possibilities of using green roofing on low income housing in the Bronx. It's an idea I've been contemplating for an addition we are working on. Anyone ever install one? Any problems arise? I'd also like to investigate vertical gardening, esp. for urban spaces.

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The photograph you attached here is a green grid kind of system. I'm using it in one of my projects but it's too soon to run into problems :) it's pretty easy to maintain and install but it just doesn't feel like the real thing.
Hi...well as far as problems are concerned the majority of problems that arise with green roofing is related to waterproofing..... these gardens are designed over a roof with slope..the care should be taken that slopes are properly executed....also the waterproofing membrane is installed & checked before executing should also be specific about the plantscape that is to be done on it..prefered to have non exotic that consume less water....this for horizontal greenscapes...for vertical- irrigation, holding trays ...for urban scape care is to be taken...pollution & dust create problem very good option for roof / wall gives very high insulation,aesthetic and reduces urban heat island....
Thanks for the feedback-- that sounds like a real option, though the roof was initially flat on what we were going to try it on, I think adding a slight slope would be possible. I'd love to use moss as the greenery since it will work well on shallow surface and the site is shady. Besides I always like to use indigenous plants to maintain the ecosystem. I'll let you know what happens next.

This guy says he is the inventor of vertical gardens (dont know if this is true?). He talks on his site about how plants do not necessarily need soil to grow, and thus can be applied to many different surfacesfor beautiful and useful applications.
Oh, and I also just had to share this link -
That simondale link is amazing!
Did you see that Patrick Blanc's green bridge was featured in the New York Times Travel supplement today-- along with other art/architecture crossovers? It's called 29 Places that Will Blow Your Mind. Check it out.
I find the concept of vertical gardens fascinating! Though when you look around, they have been with us in some form for ever.
The first picture is taken in Baltimore downtown where I park my car everyday to take the train to work and the other two were taken in Switzerland.

I've got some ivy on my stone chimney right now that's getting too vertical-- I recently saw some folks growing edible greens in their vertical garden in an urban part of california. I also found this pic from Peak Energy blog.

modular vertical garden with self-watering system from Greenworks--
Hmm..well this technology is basically known as Hydroponic......started as agricultural startergy somewhere around 1960 by getting informations from history/.....NASA also started reasearch on Aeroponic for growth of plant media in space ...


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