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Color Space

Color space refers to the range of colors that a digital camera can process, a monitor can display or a printer can print. If you have a good digital compact or a digital SLR, you may have come acros… View »

JPEG and Cousins

There are many image file formats lurking out there in the digital jungle and it'll be good to know a few details about some of the more common ones. We have already talked about RAW which is more of… View »

Prime Vs Zoom

Nice camera! How much is the zoom? It's a prime lens. What? Fixed focus lens. No zoom. why?   I prefer prime lenses. I have enjoyed my (now retired) Canon DSLR with a canon 50mm prime (inexpensi… View »

The RAW story

Those who use the RAW format to store images in their digital cameras won't take anything less than that. Those who use JPEG want JPEG.  So what's the deal? RAW -for all of you non geeky humans-… View »

The 'auto' thing

I want to explore the history and working of some of the most common automated features in film and digital cameras. In 'An incomplete history of cameras' I mentioned how before the digital cameras w… View »

An incomplete history of cameras

From a simple pinhole camera to the latest digital cameras, let's take a quick look at the journey.   Camera Obscura (or the pin hole camera) Camera in Latin means a 'Vaulted Room'. Imagine carr… View »

Exposure Basics 1 Comment

Modern digital cameras have almost made the task of getting correctly exposed photographs a no brainer. YES I said 'almost'. So what is exposure? Exposure is the amount of light you allow to fal… View »


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