I.G.B.C. has brought out LEED India - for Indian Construction Sector, as it honestly believes that the LEED is a comprehensive green building rating system and that it will suit Indian Agro-climatic Zones also with proper
localisation by incorporating salient features of NBC, 2005 & ECBS, 2006, etc.  It even allows, for LEED India (N.C.) & (C.S.), One Credit if the project team comprises a LEED AP.


However, it has a long term view to bring out India-specific Green Building Rating Systems and accordingly, it has published IGBC Green Homes Rating System & IGBC Green Factory Building Rating System and it is in the process
of bringing out many more such systems like IGBC Green Neighborhoods, IGBC
Green SEZs (in collaboration with GoI), IGBC Green Hospitals, etc.


It allows 1 Credit if the project team comprises an IGBC AP, for all India-specific Green Rating Systems being certified by it..


Now in India both LEED AP & IGBC AP examinations are available.


For LEED AP exams. one can visit & register at http://gbci.org and for IGBC AP exams. one can visit & register http://igbc.in

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