Vernacular Architecture in Maharashtra still found today in the form of a 'Wada' -a typical house with a coutyard in the centre surrounded by 'pada' or a corridor space flanked by rooms.

wadas dating back 350 years can still be found in Maharashtra -some in ruins, some conserved.

      Conservation or Redevelopment?

A consideration, an awareness, a solution to the dying memories in the old minds!

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Dear Ar. Apoorva,

Conserve or redevelopment if required, but we can do is try to design all new homes too on the same lines. The wada (called in Marathi) design that has been the hall-mark of home construction of the a few to several centuries in India, has been progressively displaced by modern tightly packed, fully sealed, concreted structures which requires loads of artificial lighting & air-conditioning.

We should start designing current day homes too, wherever possible, on the lines of 'Wada' to bring in greater natural light, while preventing the associated solar heat into the home and also reducing or eliminating a need for artificial air-conditioning.
Your absolutely right sir,we should also try and use the material components along with the designing techniques of the wadas.
The variant schemes of living today, compared to those times, have changed considerably yet the basic lifestyle will remain the same for ages to come.
But still an awareness is essential to be inculcated in the minds of the growing generations of this old heritage...

Hi ,

Architects are creators and facilatators , adding that architecture can be divided into two simple steps - conservation and collabration , for successful project

Best Regards


Sandeep Vidwans

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