"...the reality of architecture is not contained in the roof and walls, but in the space within. It is the space that is." - Nari Gandhi

I would love to know more about his works. I love the architectural style which he followed. Maybe it is to do with my inclination towards art and architecture which I generally associate with. So when we talk about Indian architecture and architects, this is probably one of the names which is rarely noticed on any forum. So guys, if you do have any info please pass it on.

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It was my first year in architecture when I heard of Nari GANDHI and i thought there --another father of the nation ;)
Nari was not only about architecture,he was about fountain pens,photography and thus a different approach to life!
The light, sound and circulation is what I think he means by space.
thanks for sharing your views and link:)

a project/ design is successful when it embodies one or more relevant message(s) that suggest a multitude of possible interpretation


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