One of my favorites ,who died in 1993 unfortunately , is Aris Konstantinidis. He studied in Technical University of Munich and he had worked for the national tourism organization designing hotels "Theoxenia" , residences ,museums etc. His full CV and his publications you can find at the blog Aris Konstantinidis Architect

Videos for his work


This is a greek video ,where his sister and his son talk about him and the residences he designed , though u can see alot of pictures and photos. on the button "Info" u can find informaton in English about this video

this video needs 50 minutes..but it deserves ur time time to spend on it as it gives a generall idea of the greek architecture - the anonymous architecture as he used to say the buildings that non architects built using the wisdom of the of nature rules.
the last written words on this film are his words about Architecture " keep on searching/asking on giving to human, even more the joy of living.That's Architecture!! "

2. Archealogical Museum of Ioannina ( Greece )

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Aris Konstantinidis is one of my favorites,not only for his architecture work but for his philosophy also.
I have ablog in memoriam.
Have a nice day.


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