how can I add a balcony 9*4feet to my new first floor.Can you suggest a means of building a cantilever balcony to the to be constructed first floor of the framed structure house in Chennai-india.I cannot have any embedment of canti lever inside the room on one side.Thanks a lot


I am required to add a cantilever balcony as part of the first floor to be constructed on an existing ground floor in India.

The existing / proposed  building is a dwelling house .

The building is a framed RCC structure with in-fill walls.The roof slab is tied to the columns and resting on the brickwork that stands on the one foot high RCC lintels .The lintels sort of tie the framework.

Any prop of the cantilever arms from below is to be avoided .

archisageattachment.pdf (

The canteiever balcony beams have to jet out of two proposed columns just above the roof slab and cannot run back into the building as the inner portion is a room.But it is possible as an option to embed the cantilever on one of the two arms under a 9 inch thick wall.The steel reinforcements for all the columns 4 of 12 mm each  are popping out of the existing building and may have to be continued with cranked lapping rods .

The floor slab of the balcony should be in level with the existing room floor.The steel detailing shown in the attached sketches are very representative and rough and please suggest better arrangement .Specifically it is baffling –the arrangement of lower most set of cantilever beam rods and the stirrups.

The loading will be just 5 people relaxing in the balcony sit-out .

I intend to remove all supports of concrete laying only almost after the whole construction is complete .

Please check and give me the detailing of steel.

Please feel free to give even another totally different option.

I don’t know whether I am asking for too much .


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