The popularity of capacitive touch screens on ipads and android tablets have created a whole new debate about whats better suited for working- finger or stylus. I don't know if man first doodled on sand with a finger or with a stick but both finger and stylus are a 1000 times better than drawing with a mouse and 10 times better than drawing blindly on tablet and looking at a screen to see what you just did- I know all you wacom fans will burn me for saying this but wacom also makes an expensive monitor that includes the function of the tablet in the screen itself and though I have never used it, drawing this way is more natural if not better (subjective).

Coming back to modern tablets- 

I bought a pogo stick when I got my iPad but it's lying somewhere (don't know where). A finger is always there when I need it and that's reason enough for me to prefer finger over stylus. Not to mention that pogo and similar styli work better when you draw with the stylus perpendicular to the screen or apply lot more force to write or draw- one is awkward and the other tiring.

What do you prefer? finger or stylus?

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I agree with you on the comparison of stylus/finger with a mouse for 'drawing'. I find navigating on the screen better with a mouse than with a tablet-stylus. I have not used a touchscreen (e.g. iPad) so I don't really know  how good that works. But I'm sure it must be great to be able to directly hit on the button where you see it, on the screen. Much so with a finger (only smaller buttons must be difficult? I've felt that on mobile phones.)

That said, I tried and sure couldn't work with a tablet-stylus on CAD. And I think here the mouse would beat the finger too. (I'm imagining working in CAD with my finger :-) )

So I think a touchscreen is good or better even as far as doing the basic stuff (internet surfing, text-editing, and other basic navigation). I doubt if it would do any better when it comes to creating digital graphics (drafting included).

But your question is - a finger or a stylus?

A finger perhaps :) as long as you don't have to tap on some micro buttons, sitting very close to each other.


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