what is meant by grade in "concrete slabs on grade"?
is it like the rammed rubble & earth on which the floor slab (PCC) is laid?

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'Grade' refers to the ground- when you don't have a basement and lay the slab directly on prepared (compacted) ground. It could be at ground level or slightly above. If there is an attic space or a room below the slab then it's not a 'slab on grade'.

You were right in your assumption; though concrete slab on grade is a reinforced concrete slab and not PCC.

Thanks a lot!

Hm.. a reinforced slab on ground. So that would be like 'raft-foundation'?

Reinforcement is generally recommended in a slab on grade to prevent cracking. In a residential construction PCC would be ok I guess but its better to consult a structural engineer. A reinforced slab on grade with a perimeter beam/thickened edges could be used as a foundation for simple one or two story buildings but it would have to be designed as such. In a way it does act as a raft or mat foundation in this case.

Okay, I see.



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