Hello everyone,

 This is my first online thread and it is regarding the topic for my upcoming 10th semester thesis topic.

I have been asked to chalk out my thesis idea and it is as follows:

In the wake of technological developments enabling the easy user interfaces between the machines and the individuals, there is a growing concern regarding the takeover of actual architectural spaces by the virtual architecture interfaces in the minds of the youth. The youth today carries the playground / play courts right in their pockets and have failed to acknowledge the actual experiences of different spaces crafted to house a particular sport / function, varying in scale, colour, texture, temperature, lighting etc. and have welcomed the idea of a common instrument or gadget giving them a virtual space right in their living room !!!! In short the same gadget becomes different sports equipment thus the sense of texture of the bat / racket is lost.

In contrast to them, I see the unprivileged at the orphanages completely utilising the space meant to invoke different psychological aspects of spaces need to be experienced to differentiate the spaces. The similar scenario can be seen in old age homes as both these institutions are devoid of this virtual reality inventions. My thesis is on formulating an institution that houses both old age homes and orphanages in order to complete the wanting of a family and establish a new community. The catch lies in designing an urban space which plays a medium of interactions developed in a mixed use setup institution between the old age homes, orphanages and the people of the city. The design is completely psychological based which invokes the sensory architecture of spaces and redefines the meaning of experiencing architecture the way it needs to be. The old age homes and orphanages will help propagate this idea. The institution would raise the funds for the homes and create an interaction among the people and the unprivileged in a space designed to be experienced.

Does a thesis on my intended topic have a scope of contributing to the society ??

is the matter strong??

Pls help me....... All suggestions and crits are welcome.

Thank you in advance...  :)


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