Change the layout of your profile page
You can rearrange the layout of your profile page and place the features however you'd like. Using this option, you can highlight your favorite feature on your profile page - maybe you've uploaded a few awesome new photos or wrote a blog post you want people to see when they first land on your page. Just move that feature to the top of the middle column and visitors will see it right away!
To move content around on your profile page, head to your profile and locate the feature you'd like to move. Put your mouse in the title bar of that box. If it can be moved, a small crosshair icon will appear to the left of it.

Click and drag the box to its new location. Drop the box where you'd like it to be, and keep going until you have the perfect layout!
Some elements on your profile page - like your profile photo, basic information, and the My Friends box - can't be moved, but other than that have fun!

7. Profile Privacy Settings
You can set your profile privacy settings to make it visible to anyone, archisage members or just your friends. There are other privacy settings too that you may want to look at. click on 'settings' on the right menu after you log in to set these options.

6. Import Photos from Flickr
archisage now supports importing photos from your Flickr account. Click on +Add Photos and select the Flickr option.

5. Badges
Check out badges and players. you'll find the link at the the bottom of the page. You can embed the badges in your blog, myspace or other external sites.

4. archisage mobile
Browse archisage on your iPhone or other mobile devices- go to:

3. Showcase your work
Besides voicing your opinion, you can also use the blog to feature your own work. Archisage Blog allows you to embed a video, upload an image or any file from your computer. Try it out.

2. Keep up with the latest on archisage
If you don't like hanging out online most of the time, subscribe to one of the RSS feeds for a quick update. RSS feeds are available for most categories like Blogs, Photos, Events etc. RSS feeds are great on iPhone or any other smartphone for a quick and fast update. Look for the blue RSS feed icon in your browsers address bar or the RSS link at the bottom or the page. Here's the RSS feed for 'Latest Activity' on archisage:

1. Add Photos and Videos from your cellphone
you can upload photos and videos from your cellphone by emailing one photo or video to a unique email id assigned to each user. The subject of the email becomes the title of the photo or video, and the body becomes the description.
Here's the link to your upload email id:

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