100% Green Buildings, Certifiable by any G.B.C., at no Additional Construction Costs to add a "Unique Value Proposition" to your property!

Yes, these "Green Buildings" too like, any others are designed to be Eco-Responsive, Recharge the Ground with Rain-Water, Conserve / Use Less Water and Power, Uses Sewage Water too, Ample Day-Lighting in all regularly occupied spaces, with Comfortable, Cosy, Cool and Clean Indoor Environment and Consumes Organic Wastes, and many more pleasant featureswithout compromising on the Quality-of-Construction.

Geographic Region, Climatic Zones, Locations, Orientations, Elevations, Levels, etc. do not matter.


Kindly study the paper at the below link.








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Im really grateful to Mr Prabhakar who made me part of this Nobel cause to make our region Green and Clean. After joining Archisage it will become easier for me to make my dreams true. So accept as new family member of Archisage.

Thanking with Lot of Regards,

Muhammad Abbas Khan


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