Salary survey summary

Partial Summary of the Survey:

(numbers will be updated periodically as we get more survey responses. This is not a statistical survey- only those who chose to respond make up the data pool and hence the results do not necessarily reflect general trends in the profession)

(updated SEPT 13, 2011)

Do architects with 12+ years of experience make more money with a Bachelors degree compared to those with a masters? that's what the data shows so far. Stay tuned for more. Average pay of architects with a Masters degree is higher per the data so far.

Avg pay 12+ years-  M. Arch: USD 87,417 |  B.Arch: USD 72,387

Avg pay 8-12 years- M. Arch: USD 65,680 |  B.Arch: USD 57,417


So far it looks like male architects make LESS money than female architects in the 8-12 years experience category. Female architects continue to lead in compensation in the 8-12 years experience category. Here are the numbers:

4-8y: M USD 52,310 / F USD 53,445

8-12y: M USD 57,825 / F USD 64,889

12+ y: M USD 85,177 / F USD 82,700

Average pay of participants in US with:

1-4 years experience - USD 47,811

4-8 years experience - USD 52,726

8-12 years experience - USD 60,179

12+ years experience - USD 84,626

Only responses from US have been tallied as we have not received sufficient responses from other countries. You can still help out in improving the quality of results by sharing the survey link with your friends and on sites like StumbleUpon and digg.

Archisage salary survey is still open and accepting responses and comments. Please click here to participate and share the link if you haven't done so. 

We'll wait to publish salary numbers till a good number of responses have been logged to get a better sense of income by experience level and geographic location.

Most of the comments received so far in the survey have been negative. Architecture may not be the best paying profession but is the work satisfaction and pride of working in this field also waning? Join the discussion >


Some comments so far...

Most of my experience is related to custom residential work.  In addition to contractors exerting more and more influence in our industry; I have to say the real estate world (ruled by cost per square foot) has been a big thorn. Value has been defined by others and architects have let it happen.


"Everybody in this profession is overly concerned about acquiring opportunities to make their own little design statements to bolster their fragile egos --to the point that they are mismanaging this profession straight into oblivion.   Architects have accepted substantially more responsibility on projects compared to just 20 years ago (i.e. energy requirements, 3D modeling/BIM,  Accessibility, etc ), yet firms charge the same fees (even in good times) as if it were a  building built in the early 1900's.  Plus architects under cut one another on projects where there isn't even any design opportunities!  Project teams are grossly under-staffed and it's nearly impossible to put out a decent set of drawings even working 80 hours a week, so you either sacrifice your reputation to clients, or you work insane hours constantly.   
Architecture organizations that are supposed to be looking out for our profession, spend the majority of their time trying to save the planet, instead of trying to get our profession on track and on equal footing with the other ones.   Contractors are slowly but surely starting to take over the architecture profession.   If architects were earning the same as attorneys/accountants then maybe we could get out of the hole that's been dug, but the people who could actually invoke change for the better just want to pretend nothing is wrong because their egos are currently being stroked.  Want to get a bunch of architects to work for free??  Just have a design competition -- they'll form long lines to give away their services.  It's a lottery ticket business model in this profession and  I will gladly leave it in my rear view mirror if I find the right opportunity."

"It is so sad Architecture here has just dried up we are dying on the vine here"

"Serious thinking form established firms is required to improve the monetary side of our profession."

"7 years of college + 4 years of internship + 7 professional licensing exams - and my friends 10 years younger than me are all making more money by being: a high school teacher, an elementary school art teacher, a waiter, a convenience store manager, a librarian, an administrative assistant. What the hell did I do wrong?"

"Currently forced to take a "temporary" 10% pay cut - it is looking more and more like this will be a permanent situation. This profession sucks!"

"As someone who oversees projects in the capacity of "designer" (I have not completed my exams and thus do not yet have my license), I can't understand why I'm paid less than the engineers fresh out of school. Especially since I have an engineering degree."



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